Barcode Magstripe Decoder Wedge

The 2033 Easy-Scanner is a versatile barcode decoder/wedge with hundreds of interfaces, three input ports, and over 90 data editing commands. With an optional keypad and display, it can be used as a data collection terminal with bi-directional communication.

The 2033 Easy-Scanner reads all popular bar codes, supports all linear bar code scanners and magnetic stripe readers. Any serial device, including portable data terminals and scales, are supported on a third input port. With the advanced data editing feature, the Easy-Scanner can be programmed to place data in any field on the computer screen, which allows this unit to adapt to any application without software modification.


  • Installs via keyboard or RS-232
  • Dual Squeeze-to-Release input ports
  • Flash memory for easy upgrades
  • Triple magstripe support with track output in any order
  • User programmable advanced data editing
  • Relay activation to control doors, lights, diverters, buzzers, etc.
  • Converts data from portable data collection terminals, scales, timeclocks, and process control sensors into keyboard signals for direct input
  • Agency Approvals: FCC A, UL/CUL, CE


  • 5 year warranty
  • Additional service contracts available