OCR Readers Single-Line

These versatile OCR Readers will improve your:

  • Data Integrity
  • Processing Efficiency
  • Operator Productivity
  • Bottom Line

OCR 6500 Wand – USB

The 6500 USB OCR Reader can be ordered from JDL Data Solutions with a hand held wand for versatile scanning of short fields or selective scanning from a document, form, or menu.

For longer scan lines, the tabletop slot version integrates a slot for OCR with an adjustable read head.

OCR Barcode USB Line Reader, Slot Scanner

The 6110A OCR Slot Reader features a low profile design, a slot scanner, a USB interface, and a simple software configuration tool.

This sleek OCR Slot reader can quickly scan characters and bar codes, as well as accommodate longer scan lines.

It is ideal for quick, accurate scanning of same-format documents.

OCR Barcode Wand Reader

The Model 5033 OCR Reader is a tabletop hand held wand and controller for selective data capture.

It reads OCR, MICR and barcode and has an additional port available for connecting a magnetic stripe reader, barcode slot reader, or a barcode wand.

The Model 5033 is ideal for reading short fields of data in different locations.

OCR Barcode Micr Slot All-in-One Reader

The Model 5133 OCR Reader is a versatile all-in-one tabletop unit for reading OCR, barcode, and MICR – with a second slot for magnetic stripe cards.

It is ideal for reading long scan lines in a fixed location.

OCR Barcode, Magstripe Controller

The Model 833 OCR Controller is a low-cost alternative to keyboard data entry for all combinations of media.

This compact controller has 2 microprocessors built in to support thehand held wand or slot reader. It has three input ports for OCR, barcode, and magnetic stripe as well as support for RS-232 devices such as scales and PDT’s.