OCR Barcode Wand Reader

The 5033 OCR Reader is a tabletop hand held OCR wand reader and controller for selective data entry. It is ideal for reading short fields of data in different locations. With its simple keyboard wedge interface, over the counter, POS or back room remittance scanning can now be done with no changes to the host computer hardware or software. Processing is done inside the unit, allowing it to connect in-line with an existing keyboard and to send keystrokes along with hand-typed data.

The 5033 OCR Reader can be programmed to emulate operator keystrokes necessary to flow data into any application. It reads OCR, MICR and barcode and has an additional port available for connecting a magnetic stripe reader, barcode slot reader, or a barcode wand


  • Reads specialized OCR fonts OCR-A, OCR-B, E-13B (MICR) and barcode
  • Reads common office fonts such as Times, Courier and Helvetica with check digit only
  • Reads up to 200 characters per second with over 99.99995 accuracy on ANSI Y-Grade media
  • Secondary input port for external bar code or magstripe reader
  • Choice of scanner light source:
    1. Red (allows red as forms drop out color) and
    2. Infrared (drops out all colors but black)
  • Reads triple-track magnetic stripe
  • Auto discriminates among OCR, 16 bar code types, and 3 track magstripe media
  • Fully programmable through menu scanning, modem, or on-screen program for: preamble, postamble, baud rate, parity, word length, character output codes, intercharacter delay, input port buffer, port identifiers, intermessage delay, input field validation, check digit verification, data suppression, character insertion, field move, character translation and more
  • Programmable audio/visual confirmation of read
  • Programmable auxiliary RS-232 com port for relay drive, scale input, PDT download, 2D barcode readers, etc.
  • Flash memory for in-field upgrades
  • 32-bit microprocessor
  • Meets UL, CUL, FCC, TUV and CE safety agency approvals


The 5033 Hand-held OCR MICR Barcode Wand Reader Controller is used worldwide in applications ranging from banks to hospitals and public utilities to retail.

  • Remittance processing to scan account number and payment information in any business that regularly receives billing stubs from customers, donors, or organization members
  • Municipal Governments for tax, water, fees, and license bills
  • File folder tracking of names and numbers
  • Employee number scanning for piece-work payroll
  • Data entry automation for order entry


  • Length: 9.9″
  • Height: 2.0″
  • Width: 5.6″
  • Weight: 2 lbs


  • One-year factory warranty
  • Extended service contracts available