OCR Barcode, Magstripe Controller

The 833 OCR Controller is a low-cost alternative to keyboard data entry for all combinations of media. OCR, bar code, and/or magnetic stripe data can now be read quickly and economically through a single control unit.

The 833 is a compact controller that has 2 microprocessors built in to support the hand held wand or slot reader. The 833 can be user programmed by menu, interfaces via dual port RS-232 or to over 350 keyboards via keyboard emulation. It has three input ports for OCR, barcode and magnetic stripe as well as support for RS-232 devices such as scales and PDT’s. The 833 reads three OCR fonts, all linear barcodes, PostNet, and dual magstripe, all with advanced data editing.


  • Combination RS-232 and keyboard wedge interfaces in one controller
  • Reads OCR, barcode, and magnetic stripe media
  • Reads up to 200 characters per inch(CPI) with over 99.5% read rate
  • Accuracy is over 99.995% on ANSI Y-Grade media
  • Dual input ports
  • Auto discriminates among OCR, barcode symbologies, and magnetic stripe media
  • Decodes magnetic stripe, output track 1 or 3 and track 2
  • Meets FCC, UL, TUV, CE and CSA approvals
  • Optional wand or slot reader
  • Optional of 6 or 10 foot scanner cord length


  • Remittance Processing to scan account number and payment information in any business that regularly receives billing stubs from customers, donors, or organization members
  • Gas utilities
  • Oil utilities
  • Electric utilities
  • Garbage Collection
  • Insurance Companies


  • Length: 5.1″
  • Height: 2″
  • Width: 6.5″
  • Weight: 2 lbs


  • One-year factory warranty
  • Extended service contracts available